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Margie Smeer Senior editor

Many users in various fields of activity find themselves in need of additional working space when the default Windows desktop becomes crowded with icons and windows. A useful solution to this issue comes from Dexpot. This program will provide users with up to 20 additional desktops and a lot of options to customize them.
Although Dexpot is a well-designed application, it doesn’t come with an actual user interface. The program runs silently in the system tray, from where you can access the tools that it has to offer, and also switch between the virtual desktops.

Dexpot impressed me with the large number of features that it includes. Additionally, they are organized in such manner that even the beginner computer users will easily find their way through its menus and settings windows. The “windows catalog” tool will offers users a clear view over all the opened windows, allowing them to easily select the desired one. A full-screen preview feature proves to be very useful when it comes to displaying the virtual desktops in a similar way as the windows catalog.

The virtual desktops can be customized in terms of: resolution, background image, name, screensaver etc. Moreover, users have the opportunity to assign specific applications to each desktop. In order to switch between desktops, users can use their mouse or, more conveniently, set specific keyboard shortcuts.

Dexpot runs on all popular Windows versions, including Windows 8. It comes as a free program for private use, and only companies will need to purchase it.


  • Comes with a lot of desktop customization options.
  • Runs fast, as it doesn't require many system resources (RAM, CPU, etc.)


  • It doesn't come with an actual interface.

What's new in version 1.6

Choose your tray icon set via 'Settings > Appearance'
Hotkey: Gather windows
Hot Corner action: Minimize all
Dynamic Taskbar Reordering for Windows 8
Updated Hungarian language file

Publisher's description

Dexpot has so many new features and improvements that a detailed description on one site is impossible. You can find a complete list in the changelog. Full-screen preview is an interactive live overview of all desktops. You can move windows to other desktops by simply dragging them with your mouse.

Other, more advanced features like copying and closing of windows or tiling and zooming of desktops are available via easy-to-use mouse and keyboard controls as well.

Window catalog
Display all windows of a single desktop as tiles. Once you start dragging a window, Window catalog automatically switches to Full-screen preview so you can move the window to another desktop.

Desktop Preview
A miniature symbolic version of the Full-screen preview, but just as powerful. Move and copy applications across desktops with drag-and-drop. Desktop Preview automatically hides at the screen edge when you don't use it.

Desktop Manager
Desktop Manager is a small, always visible toolbar for quick desktop switching. It can be positioned anywhere on your desktop and adjusted in size and orientation. Optionally, it shows the icons of all desktops' active applications.

An additional button may be assigned with frequently used functions.

Latest comments

  All comments (4)
  • 0
    Tabasco 7 months ago

    Needs some tuning up, but great overall. Can't wait for the built-in workplaces in Windows 10!

  • 0
    BlThunder 5 years ago

    Use results in BSOD from time to time

  • 0
    easy80 5 years ago

    Great tool for organizing virtual desktops and easy to use. Love it.